Adele - Love Song Videos and Video Clips

Adele - Lovesong (album version)
5 minutes 20 seconds
Adele-Love Song (original)
5 minutes 14 seconds
Adele - Lovesong (Lyrics)
I've been looking for a good version of this song with just lyrics, but couldn't find one to my liking, so just thought I'd make my own! So here's Adele's Lo...
5 minutes 16 seconds
Adele - 21 - Lovesong
Adele - 21 - Lovesong (2011) Whenever I'm alone with you You make me feel like I am home again Whenever I'm alone with you You make me feel like I am whole a...
5 minutes 20 seconds
Adele - Lovesong ( lyrics on screen )
Adele Lovesong Lyrics on screen HQ I LOVE you serjy0 gracias por provocar estos sentimientos en mi :((( :)
5 minutes 23 seconds
Adele - Lovesong (The Cure cover) Itunes Festival 2011 HD
Adele - Lovesong Itunes Festival --- 01. Hometown Glory ( 02. I'll Be Waiting (
6 minutes 11 seconds
Adele - Love Song - The Notebook
A fan Video for the Notebook! this movie is so amazing and it was hard to find the perfect song. but i tryed! No copy Right In fragment Intended!
5 minutes 17 seconds
adele - lovesong with lyrics || HD ||.
This is definately my number #OOO1 song at the moment! hope you guys like it! XoXo.
5 minutes 11 seconds
Adele - Love Song -Live- con subtítulos en español.
El contenido de este vídeo pertenece a sus respecivos autores.
5 minutes 26 seconds
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