Gay Dad Videos and Video Clips

Becoming a Gay Dad - UnCut
This is my life story. The longer uncut version. (***Some graphic Stories***) Here's me on Instagram:
12 minutes 27 seconds
Gay Dad - To Earth with love.
Gay Dad - To Earth with love.
5 minutes 5 seconds
Gay Dad - Joy Official Video 1999 (London/Warners)
Alex Hemming's video for Gay Dad's 1999 hit single Joy.
3 minutes 39 seconds
Coming Out Story (Gay Dad)
After being married for 5 years, and having 2 kids, I got enough courage to come out of the "closet". This is my crazy, messed up, loving, hurtful, redemptiv...
3 minutes 25 seconds
Mad TV - My Gay Dad
A show about a girl whose gay dad steals her boyfriends.
3 minutes 2 seconds
Dad Learns Gay Slang
The title pretty much says it all. I decided to teach my dad a few gay slang terms, to see how many he could recognize or figure out. Le's see if any of thes...
9 minutes 40 seconds
Fifa 2000 Soundtrack - Gay Dad - Joy!
fifa 2000 song soundtrack.
5 minutes 4 seconds
Gay Dad, Straight Son, Part 2
Allen Reza, who is 30 married and straight, chats with his gay 91-year-old dad, a person he chose when a teenager to be his surrogate dad. They talk about li...
9 minutes 30 seconds
Gay Dad - Joy!
5 minutes 1 second
Gay Dad Oh Jim
Promo video for Gay Dad's Oh Jim single 1999. Shot in Beirut, Lebanon.
3 minutes
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