George Canyon - Grandpa's Song Videos and Video Clips

Alexandria Everett - Grandpa's Song (Original)
This is me singing a song that I wrote for my grandpa after he passed away last January. Some of the lyrics are hard to hear so I'll post 'em below :) It was...
2 minutes 53 seconds
Grandpa's Song
by Marci Blakney.
5 minutes 27 seconds
Grandpa's Song
Recorded on April 11, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder.
1 minute 48 seconds
Grandpa's Lullaby
Inspired by my daughter I wrote this song back in the winter of 2010. I think it is a very special song. Everyone has or had a Grandfather at some point. I r...
4 minutes 19 seconds
Slow Dance - George Canyon (Behind the Song)
George shares the song concept and meaning behind the lyrics to his brand new single, "Slow Dance". 'Slow Dance' was written by George Canyon & Steven MacDou...
7 minutes 32 seconds
Grandpa's Song
From the grandchildren of Papa Jacob Saldanha at his 75th birthday celebration in Auckland, New Zealand.
3 minutes 15 seconds
Your Smile by George Canyon
3 minutes 38 seconds
George Canyon's Fiddle player
Live at Stirling Fair in Stirling, Ontario.
4 minutes 21 seconds
Goodbye to Grandpa
Artist: Rascal Flatts Song: Here Comes Goodbye We will always love you Grandpa. R.I.P..
2 minutes 50 seconds
I want you to live (George Canyon)
George Canyon Cover.
4 minutes 38 seconds
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