John Mayer - Vultures Videos and Video Clips

John Mayer - Vultures [HD]
HD performance of Vultures - John Mayer. From Where The Light Is - Live in LA.
5 minutes 27 seconds
John Mayer - Vultures LIVE In Toronto
John Mayer perfoming 'Vultures' in Toronto/Sound Academy at the Battle Studies Release Show, November 24, 2009. I have noticed that this awesome concert hasn...
6 minutes 4 seconds
Vultures - John Mayer (Live in PBS)
Really funky version of Vultures from Continuum! Watch my JM Covers! :
8 minutes 27 seconds
John Mayer - "Vultures" @ Jazz Fest, New Orleans 2013
John Mayer performs "Vultures" at New Orleans's Jazz and Heritage Festival on Friday, April 26, 2013.
13 minutes 6 seconds
John Mayer Vultures Live In Studio
4 minutes 30 seconds
John Mayer - Vultures
Groovy intro for Vultures.
8 minutes 38 seconds
John Mayer - Mannish Boy & Vultures - made in america - #MIA 2014
Made in Amercica - Los Angeles 2014.
7 minutes 52 seconds
John Mayer-Vultures Live LA
This is my current favourite music video, so cool!
5 minutes 26 seconds
Vultures - John Mayer live at the Chapel
Performance of Vultures live at the Chapel.
6 minutes 42 seconds
John Mayer - Vultures Live in Seoul
6 minutes 18 seconds
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