John Mayer - Vultures Videos and Video Clips

John Mayer - Vultures [HD]
HD performance of Vultures - John Mayer. From Where The Light Is - Live in LA.
5 minutes 27 seconds
John Mayer - Vultures LIVE In Toronto
John Mayer perfoming 'Vultures' in Toronto/Sound Academy at the Battle Studies Release Show, November 24, 2009. I have noticed that this awesome concert hasn't been uploaded yet.. so make sure.
6 minutes 4 seconds
Vultures - John Mayer (Live in PBS)
Really funky version of Vultures from Continuum! Watch my JM Covers! :
8 minutes 27 seconds
John Mayer - Vultures
Groovy intro for Vultures.
8 minutes 38 seconds
John Mayer - Mannish Boy & Vultures - made in america - #MIA 2014
Made in Amercica - Los Angeles 2014.
7 minutes 52 seconds
John Mayer - Vultures Live in Seoul
6 minutes 18 seconds
John Mayer-Vultures Live LA
This is my current favourite music video, so cool!
5 minutes 26 seconds
Vultures - John Mayer live at the Chapel
Performance of Vultures live at the Chapel.
6 minutes 42 seconds
John Mayer NY, Beacon Theatre - 2. Vultures
[11/17/09] Seven-time Grammy Award winning musician John Mayer performs at the Beacon Theatre (Tuesday, November 17 at 9pm) in celebration of his new album Battle Studies.
6 minutes 42 seconds
John Mayer - Vultures (Cover by Hudson Moore)
Hey y'all - Here's my cover of "Vultures" by John Mayer. One of my favorite songs of all time. Hope y'all dig the video! Please share it and subscribe if you do! Get your copy of Hudson Moore's...
5 minutes 18 seconds
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