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ship those niggers back Moscow 07 08 2013
Moscow 07.08.2013 A.Ross.
2 minutes 25 seconds
Ship Those Niggers Back! (Johnny Rebel Cover)
Just remember. 75% of this band is black. 25% is a halfie. We aren't anywhere near white enough to white supremacists. But we do giggle when we listen to Joh...
2 minutes 4 seconds
Johnny Cash Man In Black
the JEWS never known the answers for their god is a FALSE god . the jews are the first atheists the CHRISTIANS with their tax GRABBING jesus their christiani...
3 minutes 30 seconds
zach vs flashyy
song-ship them niggers back.
2 minutes 19 seconds
PowNews - Zwarte Pieten discussie laait weer op
Uitzending: 17-10-2013.
6 minutes 37 seconds
Re: Re: Ship those muslims back
You child, grow up and get a life Mr Bob Dylan wannabe - your response was crass folly and rather childish - even my 4 year old has learnt that blowing raspb...
1 minute 9 seconds
Johnny Rebel - Looking for a handout
The Reb.
3 minutes 52 seconds
Nigger Hatin Me by Johnny Rebel. ~Sadique(sic)nesseS~
2 minutes 27 seconds
Johnny Cash - God Bless Robert E. Lee
This song of Johnny Cash's was released in 1983 in the album Johnny 99. Lyrics: When Robert E Lee surrended the Confederacy Jefferson Davis was upset about i...
3 minutes 41 seconds
Kirk Douglas and Johnny Cash Shoot Out
Scene from a western film, "A Gunfight". Kirk Douglas and Johnny Cash have a showdown to the death in an arena. I also have the opening credits that has a Ca...
4 minutes 29 seconds
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