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Five Brothers - Marty Robbins
Thanks to Tarquin45 for the original material. Lyrics:- Five brothers who left Arkansas, Set out to find the gambler Who murdered their pa Five brothers and ...
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Marty Robbins - Five Brothers
Another great song.
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Marty Robbins singing Five Brothers
Find more of the music you love at at Lyrics for Five Brothers: Five brothers who left Arkansas Set out to find the gambler Who murde...
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Marty Robbins 'When The Work's All Done This Fall.'
Here's Marty singing a great old traditional cowboy song and another written by two of the Glaser Brothers, Tompall and Jim. This is one of two versions of '...
5 minutes 1 second
Tompall And The Glaser Brothers 'South Of The Border.'
Anyone who likes the Marty Robbins sound can't fail to like the Glaser Brothers as they had such close links. Marty brought them to Nashville in the late 50'...
3 minutes 36 seconds
Marty Robbins That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine
Gene Autry and Jimmy Long wrote this song (or updated Red River Valley in all honesty) in the 30's and it went on to become a million seller for Gene. Others...
3 minutes 35 seconds
Marty Robbins Sings 'Many Tears Ago.'
An old Eddy Arnold hit is revived by Marty.
2 minutes 38 seconds
Marty Robbins - Sundown / The Texas Ranger
Not sure about the title, seen it named both ways.
5 minutes 1 second
Marty Robbins... "Sundown" the Texas Ranger (With Lyrics)
Lyrics******** Bill Thaxton was an ex-Ranger One of the bravest by far It's said that old Bill was the fastest man ever To pin on a Ranger's star St...
4 minutes 53 seconds
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