Marty Robbins - It's A Sin Videos and Video Clips

Marty Robbins Singing 'We're Getting Mighty Close.'
This is a Karen Russell song featured in Marty's 1969 'It's A Sin.' The usual polished performance from the best singer Nashville ever saw.
2 minutes 43 seconds
It's A Sin-Elvis Cover With Lyrics
IT'S A SIN Written By: Zeb Turner, Fred Rose Previously Recorded By: Eddy Arnold, Marty Robbins Elvis Recorded: March 12, 1961 LP: Something For Everybody Hope you like the cover. Thanks so...
2 minutes 44 seconds
Marty Robbins Rose Of Ol' Pawnee
Marty recorded many Fred Rose songs and it's kind of surprising to me that while so many artists from the 50's onwards did complete Hank Williams' albums not one ever did a Fred Rose album...
4 minutes 35 seconds
Marty Robbins A Sinner's Prayer
Marty at his emotional best singing with great sincerity this moving song. I don't know who recorded the song previously, so maybe someone out there can give some information about it's origin....
3 minutes 12 seconds
Marty Robbins singing Devil Woman
Find more of the music you love at at Lyrics for Devil Woman: I told Mary about us I told her about our great sin Mary cried and forgave me and Mary took me back again...
2 minutes 25 seconds
Marty Robbins singing Sometimes I'm Tempted
Find more of the music you love at at Lyrics for Sometimes I'm Tempted: Sometime I'm tempted by big brown eyes Sometime I'm tempted to cheat and lie Sometime I'm tempted...
2 minutes 32 seconds
988 - Devil Woman - Marty Robbins cover with chords and lyrics
Great song! Poor lighting. Devil Woman:Marty Robbins. Top of the Pop charts in 1962. #1. E B I told Mary about us, I told her about our great...
3 minutes 37 seconds
Fallout: New Vegas - Face Of Radio Music [Live OST]  (Part 1)
Marty Robbins - Big Iron Guy Mitchell - Heartaches by the Number Dean Martin - Ain't That a Kick in the Head Peggy Lee - Johnny Guitar. Kay Kyser & His Orchestra...
2 minutes 9 seconds
Gamer TAG ⁞ Annis Vlog #001
Gamertaggggggg ♢ »Playlist: »Zum Kanal: »Infos, Folgen, Fragen: Ich tagge: *Die Force Bros*
14 minutes 35 seconds
Devil Woman (Marty Robbins) - Inguzz_T
Devil Woman, ein Song des grossartigen Künstlers Marty Robbins, nun gecovert von Inguzz_T. Da er ein Fan von Marty Robbins ist, hat er bereits mehrere Lieder von ihm gesungen. In einigen...
3 minutes 7 seconds
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