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Marty Robbins - It's A Sin
Marty was the man, love this guy, this one he shows his range, and it's amazing, almost a sin, lol, enjoy Dave.
2 minutes 48 seconds
Marty Robbins-It's A Sin (Karaoke)
The hit Country song It's A Sin - ITSO - Marty Robbins! Available now for download on
3 minutes 6 seconds
(Vinyl Rip) Marty Robbins - Compilation of Compilations
This video compiles all of the songs from 3 different marty robbins records I have. The only ones I took out were repeats, so if you own one of these albums ...
1 hour 46 minutes
Marty Robbins    If I Want To
Marty Robbins 1969 Columbia album " It's A Sin "----- I do not own the copyright to this music "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1...
3 minutes 20 seconds
Marty Robbins     This Song
From Marty Robbins 1969 Columbia Album " It's A Sin " Audio a little poor . This track was badly scratched so had to do deep cleaning. ----- I do not own the...
2 minutes 24 seconds
Marty Robbins Singing 'We're Getting Mighty Close.'
This is a Karen Russell song featured in Marty's 1969 'It's A Sin.' The usual polished performance from the best singer Nashville ever saw.
2 minutes 43 seconds
Marty Robbins    Times Have Changed
Taken off his 1969 Columbia album " It's A Sin " This is a well used album and recorded at a low volume Plus you will hear picks and clicks I couldn't remove...
1 minute 55 seconds
its a sin
this is my version cover vocal of a song that elvis song it was a orinal marty robbins song friends.
2 minutes 49 seconds
Marty Robbins Rose Of Ol' Pawnee
Marty recorded many Fred Rose songs and it's kind of surprising to me that while so many artists from the 50's onwards did complete Hank Williams' albums not...
4 minutes 35 seconds
Marty Robbins A Sinner's Prayer
Marty at his emotional best singing with great sincerity this moving song. I don't know who recorded the song previously, so maybe someone out there can give...
3 minutes 12 seconds
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