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Ozzy Osbourne 'Crazy Babies' Cover
Thought id smash a cover out for you guys, I really like zakks tone on this song soo much power and that chorus is just beast! hope you all enjoy Please check out my faceook page and take...
4 minutes 17 seconds
How to play Crazy Babies by Ozzy Osbourne on guitar by Mike Gross(CVT Lesson for Landich)
This is a CVT Guitar lesson taught by professional guitar instructor Mike Gross from http://rockinguitarlessons.com More about Mike here: http://bit.ly/1Bt2KYU For private or group Guitar-Bass-Voca...
17 minutes 47 seconds
Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train (live w/ Yuto Miyazawa)
Ozzy performs with the japanese guitar prodigy from the Ellen show at Ozzfest 2010 in Hartford, CT. as featured on Yahoo!
5 minutes 45 seconds
Crazy Babies cover with solo - Ozzy Osbourne & Zakk Wylde
Ozzy & Zakk's Crazy Babies cover with solo played on the Jackson Kevin Bond signature Rhoads through the Engl Screamer with no effects pedals. Solo is tougher than it looks and I got bored...
4 minutes 16 seconds
Crazy Babies guitar solo cover Ozzy Osbourne / Zakk Wylde
Playing along to the original recording in the background. The game is every time I mess up, I had to take another shot of Jack. I am now drunk. Damn.
52 seconds
(Solo de páscoa) - Rafael Gurgel - Ozzy Osbourne Crazy Babies
Feliz páscoa atrasado... kkk Se inscreva no canal!
49 seconds
Bark at the Moon - Crazy Babies (Ozzy Osbourne Cover) in Live Rock Fest
Cover band formed by: Vocals: Francis Miranda (King Snake Blues) Guitars: Elton Magnus (Sarcastyc / Vice-Versa / ex Scourge) Bass: Reinaldo Júnior (Maquiavel / ex Hellforge) Keyboard:...
3 minutes 46 seconds
Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Babies
4 minutes 13 seconds
Ozzy Osbourne  -  crazy babies [Guitar Backing tracks]
Jam along with your favourite backing tracks from "Ozzy Osbourne".Remember you can visit our website "tutarras.com.ar" Web:http://tutarras.com.ar ...
4 minutes 20 seconds
Just trying to play a little zakk wylde!!have a laugh!!
42 seconds
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