P. Diddy (Puff Daddy) - Shiny Suit Man Videos and Video Clips

P. Diddy ft. Pharrell - D.I.D.D.Y
It`s not a new song .... but a great song.
5 minutes 2 seconds
Puff Daddy & The Family (Feat. Mase & Carl Thomas) - Been Around The World [Remix] [Music Video]
Well here it is. The best one on Youtube. Not some crappy version with terrible audio quality. *coughs Like the other ones on youtube. *coughs.
4 minutes 30 seconds
Puff Daddy Shops For 97 VMA
House of Style Season: 9 Episode: 62 Title: 1997 VMA Special: "Let Me Just Slip Into Something Incredibly Uncomfortable..." Original Airdate: 9/5/97 Appearances: Puff Daddy MUSIC AND FASHION:...
4 minutes 36 seconds
Puff Daddy Been around the world
Been around the world - Puff Daddy Ft. Mase , B.I.G No copyright intended. I will be uploading electronic music related stuff I've moved on with hip hop since it's not the same from the...
4 minutes 29 seconds
Puff Daddy - Can't Nobody Hold Me Down
I Love This Song!!!! follow me on twitter @MacSo_Trippy: IG @macmire.
4 minutes 35 seconds
Can't Nobody Hold Me Down Puff Daddy And Mase
Puff Daddy Can't Hold me down. This is a hot hot song one of my fav... Stubbs production http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/widget_code/player_widget_popup/artist_2128672.
4 minutes 34 seconds
Forrest - Shiny Suit Man - Shiny Suit Man Ep
Forrest (Midnight Visions) Shiny Suit Man EP - Now available at Beatport: http://btprt.dj/1dG1DsB and Juno Records: http://bit.ly/17X5bEG.
5 minutes 37 seconds
Puff Diddy - Where's Sean (lyrics)
[P. Diddy] Eh yo what's up playboy Yeah, now I'm out here in Milan I need you to come get wit' me aight? Yeah, I got something I need you to do Call up the rest of the crew I'll see you there...
5 minutes 6 seconds
shiny suit man
For all you P.diddy fans you might like this one. No hatas pls.
1 minute 3 seconds
Jay Electronica and P. Diddy - The Ghost of Christopher Wallace (HOT)
Hot new song from Jay Electronica and P. Diddy. Full download here: http://cyber-pass.net/music/jay-electronica-and-p-diddy-the-ghost-of-christopher-wallace.
5 minutes 27 seconds
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