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Pale Forest - Envy
From the new, long awaited, fantastic album: "Second Hand Balloons".
5 minutes 57 seconds
Pale Forest (feat. Anneke Van Giersbergen) - Mandrake Makes a Hypnotic Gesture
From the new, long awaited, fantastic album: "Second Hand Balloons".
4 minutes 40 seconds
Pale Forest - Anonymous Caesar (2003)
Converted from LQ MOV As far I know this video was never released! The song is probably ℗ by Listenable Records, but it would be stupid to silence the video....
4 minutes 24 seconds
Pale Forest - New
Created with
3 minutes 54 seconds
Pale Forest - Mentally Deranged (subtítulos en español)
Extraído del Album: Of Machines and Men (2000)
6 minutes 10 seconds
Pale forest   - tristesse (Subtitulos español)
Disculpen el retraso por subir los temas pedidos, ya no cuento con el tiempo suficiente para realizarlos... Tema pedido por el amigo "lafken", lástima que no...
3 minutes 57 seconds
Pale Forest - Mooncycle
Music by Pale Forest Album: Of machines and men All Rights reserved to Artist/band Lyrics: One two three four five six seven eight Don't you know it's all to...
4 minutes 31 seconds
Pale Forest Exit Mould  Paris
Exit Mould live at Elysee Montmartre Paris 2003.
4 minutes 37 seconds
Pale Forest - Transformation Hymn
Song taken from "Transformation Hymns", debut album by Pale Forest, an Alternative Rock band from Norway. Amazing!
5 minutes 59 seconds
Pale Forest - Stigmata
This video is for promotional purposes only! Please support the artist by purchasing their music and going to their shows! Artist: Pale Forest Album: Exit Mo...
5 minutes 13 seconds
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