Prince - Batdance Videos and Video Clips

Prince   Batdance
6 minutes 58 seconds
Prince - Batdance
6 minutes 58 seconds
Prince - Batdance (The Bat Mix)
7 minutes 16 seconds
Batman - BatDance
From the 1989 Movie BatMan...Come... BatDance... Music By, Prince I DO NOT OWN THIS. It is taken from WB and is purely for entertainment and not for ANY comm...
6 minutes 58 seconds
Prince - batdance
a través de YouTube Capture.
12 seconds
Prince Batdance Batman (Tim Burton) B S O
Prince B S O Batman (Tim Burton 1989) Prince O S T Batman Visitame en:
6 minutes 45 seconds
6 minutes 49 seconds
Bat Dance Prince
4 minutes 44 seconds
Batdance- Prince
Batdance by Prince from the Batman1989 soundtrack. I do not own anything that this video includes. Enjoy!
6 minutes 49 seconds
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