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Prince Batdance Batman (Tim Burton) B S O
Prince B S O Batman (Tim Burton 1989) Prince O S T Batman Visitame en:
6 minutes 45 seconds
Batman - BatDance
From the 1989 Movie BatMan...Come... BatDance... Music By, Prince I DO NOT OWN THIS. It is taken from WB and is purely for entertainment and not for ANY comm...
6 minutes 58 seconds
Prince - Batdance (The Bat Mix)
7 minutes 16 seconds
Bat Dance Prince
4 minutes 44 seconds
Prince Batdance Jam
Hey guys. This is a track that Fjord76 created (which he played on his channel as well) and he's kind enough to send it to me to play over. Hope you enjoy it...
1 minute 13 seconds
Prince-Batdance 8-bit
3 minutes 53 seconds
Prince - Batdance (L-Vis 1990 Laser Gun Edit)
L-vis 1990 edit of Prince - Batdance. Was featured on NSMIX002 and is now given away by L-vis on his soundcloud, get it here:
3 minutes 43 seconds
Lala's bat dance by prince
Check out Lalas hoop dance, bat dance.
1 minute 31 seconds
Bat dance. Prince.
I was messing around, randomly hit record, and went with it. Enjoy.
2 minutes 20 seconds
C.J. dancing off of Prince, "Batdance"...Sept. 10, 2011
C.J. dancing to Prince "Batdance" song....He was in his own little world as batman!
6 minutes 42 seconds
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