Rob Zombie - Scum-Kill Videos and Video Clips
3 minutes 56 seconds
White Zombie - Scum Kill
This is off of White Zombie's 1987 LP Soul Crusher. This is when White Zombie was a noise rock band, and also is the first time the band used B-movie samples in their music. This is the stuff...
3 minutes 48 seconds
White Zombie - Scum Kill  LIVE & RARE '88
Part Two in my series of live tracks from a 1988 White Zombie performance at NYC's Cat Club filmed and directed by GreenGerg. Scum Kill is off White Zombies 1st LP Soul-Crusher. ...
4 minutes 11 seconds
White Zombie-Scumkill [Live]
Another track off the WFMU recordings, this time it's Scumkill. I told you I'd be uploading more vids. Once again a billion thanx to betrunken!
3 minutes 37 seconds
White Zombie - Soul-Crusher - 09 Scum Kill
Track 9 from Soul-Crusher (Silent Explosion records) 1987. Rob Zombie on vocals, Sean Yseult on bass, Ivan de Prume on drums and Tom Five on guitar. Produced by Wharton Tiers. Album cover by...
3 minutes 50 seconds
Rob Zombie Scum of the Earth lyrics (Demonic Pitch)
Read first: This is a deep pitch variation of Rob Zombie's Scum Of The Earth I created; just tweaking the pitch. The original song comes from Rob Zombie's The Sinister Urge and from the Mission...
3 minutes 7 seconds
White Zombie - live at Cat Club, NYC February 1988
White Zombie performing on February 23, 1988 at Cat Club, New York, NY. Filmed by Greg Fasolino. Setlist: 1. Dead Ringer 2. Scumkill 3. Diamond Ass 4. Punishment Park 5. Tattoo Vampire 6....
33 minutes 45 seconds
Scum of the Earth - The Devil Made Me Do It (official stream) modern rock metal music
iTunes: GooglePlay: CD: Spotify: Subscribe: Featuring former...
3 minutes 10 seconds
Scum of the Earth - Bombshell From Hell (official music video)
Scum of the Earth, Bombshell From Hell - Sleaze Freak Hardrock Rock Metal Music Riggs Live Performance Surveillance Former Members Rob Zombie Prong Guitar Bass Drums Amps Tweet this ...
3 minutes 20 seconds
Scumkill - First Class White Trash
Musicvideo for the song First Class White Trash by Swedish dirtcoreband Scumkill!
3 minutes 37 seconds
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