Salt N Pepa - The Showstopper Videos and Video Clips
3 minutes 56 seconds
08 The Showstopper Salt-N-Pepa
Salt-N-Pepa - The Showstopper.
4 minutes 57 seconds
Salt 'N Pepa-The Show Stoppa (Is Stupid Fresh)
From Hot,Cool & Vicious (1986).
5 minutes 3 seconds
Salt N Pepa Perform Beyonce's "Run The World (Girls)" & "Push It" At Reunion Show
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5 minutes 17 seconds
Super Nature (Salt 'N' Pepa) - The Show Stoppa (DEF MIX)
1985 Pop Art Records. Hurby, The Love Bug Presents: Super Nature. Salt N Pepa's first song. "The Show Stoppa (Is Stupid Fresh)" Mixed By – Hurby T.L.B., Marley Marl Producer, Arranged By...
7 minutes 1 second
The Showstopper Salt-N-Pepa
4 minutes 58 seconds
Salt-N-Pepa - Champagne (Music Video)(1996)(lyrics in description)
Instagram - JayNoteZ723 Voxer - JayNoteZ OovoO & Skype - JayNoteZ723 ...
3 minutes 37 seconds
Salt 'N' Pepa - Let's Talk About Sex (16:9 HD) /1991/
One of the most successful female pop-rap groups of all time, Salt'N'Pepa formed in the mid-'80s when Cheryl "Salt" James and Jamaican-born Sandy "Pepa" Denton met while working at Sears in...
3 minutes 34 seconds
Salt N Pepa - Champagne - Full Video Song
Watch Salt N Pepa's Champagne Full Official Video Song in HD Salt N Pepa - Champagne - Lyrics Get down with the party (Wanna hang) I'm the Big Kahuna I got the whole shebang I got the ...
3 minutes 29 seconds
Salt 'N Pepa-Beauty And The Beat
From Hot,Cool & Vicious (1986).
4 minutes 50 seconds
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