Tina Turner - STEAMY WINDOWS Videos and Video Clips

Tina Turner - Steamy Windows [Official Music Video]
I was thinking about parking the other night We was out on a back road Me and my baby was just getting right All our systems on overload Radio blasting in th...
4 minutes 5 seconds
GREAT: Tina Turner - Steamy Windows (live)
Taken from 'Wild Cats & Hot Legs' - Tina live 2009. The great last concert at Gelre Dome Arnhem/ NL.
5 minutes 7 seconds
Tina Turner 'Steamy Windows' (Live Barcelona '90)
Olympic Stadium in Barcelona (Spain) 5th October 1990, 75.000 people, 'Steamy Windows' was the opening act for the 'Foreign Affair: The Farewell Tour', and f...
7 minutes 5 seconds
Tina Turner-Steamy Windows
Tina Turner-Steamy Windows.
3 minutes 55 seconds
Tina Turner - Steamy Windows
Official video of Tina Turner performing Steamy Windows from the album Foreign Affair. Buy It Here: http://smarturl.it/npyg4a Like Tina Turner on Facebook: h...
4 minutes 4 seconds
Tina Turner Steamy Windows Live 2009
Tina Turner Steamy Windows Live 2009.
4 minutes 34 seconds
Tina Turner Live 2009 DVD - Steamy Windows / Typical Male
A NOTE TO THOSE WHO THINK ME UPLOADING 4 SONGS FROM THIS DVD IS GOING TO RUIN SALES: 4 songs that have been compressed into poor quality that can only be vie...
9 minutes 44 seconds
Tina Turner Live 1994 | Steamy Windows | Entrance
Superb Entrance!
4 minutes 34 seconds
Tina Turner-Steamy Windows  (with Lyrics)
Tina Turner-Steamy Windows 90s rock classic.
4 minutes 4 seconds
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