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'Take out your phones...' The lights go down in Gothenburg and 60000 people take out their phones. 'Here's the milky way...'
1 minute 15 seconds
Best Songs Of U2 || U2's Greatest Hits
00:00 The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone) - U2 04:15 Every Breaking Wave - U2 08:27 California (There Is No End To Love) - U2 12:27 Song For Someone - U2 16:14 Iris...
1 hour 31 minutes
U2 - The First Time (w/ lyrics)
The 8th track on the Zooropa album, touching lyrics about a man having troubles seeing that life is actually worth living: I have a lover A lover like no oth...
3 minutes 52 seconds
u2 - red hill mining town
from "the joshua tree" From father to son The blood runs thin Oooh....see faces frozen still Against the wind The seam is split The coal face cracked The lin...
5 minutes 43 seconds
U2- Love you like mad
another b-side. very nice song. the video shows the growth of the band from 1977 up to today. the song is from the 'atyclb'-sessions. Lyrics: (Ready?) (I lov...
4 minutes 20 seconds
U2 Love Comes Tumbling (alternate lyrics)
Song from The Unforgettable Fire single (1984). ----Lyrics---- All roads down the way too hard You're in the dream Oh don't take my heart Inside your inner s...
4 minutes 36 seconds
U2 - Love Comes Tumbling
This is Larry in Love Comes Tumbling and I think, this is what you like to see ^^ I've chosen the version on "B-Sides 1980-1990", the original one is on the ...
4 minutes 41 seconds
U2- My Time Hasn't Come (Demo)
rare b-side.
5 minutes 41 seconds
U2 - Pride (In the Name of Love)  - Testo Tradotto - ITA
U2 - Pride (In the Name of Love) Testo Tradotto in Italiano.
3 minutes 50 seconds
U2-love comes tumbling
love comes tumbling lyrics.
4 minutes 43 seconds
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