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WC and the Maad Circle - Fuck My Daddy
WC and the Maad Circle - Ain't A Damn Thang Changed (1991) South Central Los Angeles Priority Records -- CDL 57156 Fuck My Daddy (featuring Big Gee, Foe Doe ...
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WC And The Maad Circle - Fuck My Daddy (Ain't A Damn Thang Changed) 1991
cd was recorded in 1991 and contains 18 tracks.
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WC ft. Scarface - So Hard
WC ft. Scarface - So Hard Album: Ghetto Heisman (2002) Track Number: 5 Lyrics: [Intro: W.C.] Ahh shit, god damn, niggaz done fucked up W.C. and Face done hoo...
4 minutes 17 seconds
NEW UNHEARD 2Pac Ft. The Game, Ice Cube, Mack 10, WC & EAZY E  - "The WEST COAST" - Dj Jeet 408
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/liljeet Sound Cloud: https://soundcloud.com/liljeet Twitter: https://twitter.com/JEET408 Instagram: http://instagram.com/g...
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Fuck You Dad-Durty D
i know a lot of people feel me on this track and can relate ...... this is the 1st track i ever did... I paid rap-A-holic productions for studio time and thi...
2 minutes 54 seconds
WC - 80's Babies ft. Ice Cube (lyrics)
HQ music with lyrics below for --80's Babies-- by WC (Produced by Ice Cube). [Chorus: W.C.] If you was born in the '80s then I'm probably your papa Cause 9 t...
3 minutes 41 seconds
WC - You Know Me (Feat. Ice Cube & Maylay).mp
WC - You Know Me (Feat. Ice Cube & Maylay).mp Download this song at http://www.hiphopstuntin.com right now! I roll my good, In my Khakies Throw my hood up, k...
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My daddy dancin "fuck you"
My daddy gettin down more to come.
1 minute 25 seconds
BLACK MARIAH "Get me the fuck outta here" OFFICIAL 2013
DOWNLOAD THE SONG HERE: itunes:https://itunes.apple.com/at/album/get-me-f**k-outta-here-single/id678917052?ls=1 amazon:http://www.amazon.de/Get-Me-Fuck-Outta...
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Fuck you daddy
My hatred of my dad ( I really love my daddy in life so dads don't take this offensiflly dads)
28 seconds
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