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X Japan - Ballad Collection [Full Album]
X-Japan Ballad Collection Full Album. Track List 0:00:00 Forever Love 0:08:36 Longing 0:16:17 Endless Rain 0:22:49 Crucify My Love 0:27:25 Alive 0:35:49 Say ...
1 hour 18 minutes
X JAPAN - The Last Live
For subtitles, I'm so sorry that I failed and missed to catch many words. Please help me if you can catch them *** *** 字幕について~誤り、聞き取れない所が多くて申し訳ございません。もしよ...
3 hours 40 minutes
この動画は高画質1.32GBでUpしています。 "X JAPAN" "ENDLESS RAIN" HD1.32GB 【THE LAST LIVE】 XJAPAN "ENDLESS RAIN" "THE LAST LIVE" "X JAPAN" "YOSHIKI Drum Solo" hide toshi yosh...
11 minutes 21 seconds
5人組ロックバンド「X JAPAN」が、米ニューヨークのマディソン・スクエア・ガーデン(MSG)でライブを行った。ワールドツアーで実...
4 minutes 51 seconds
X-Japan -  Kurenai
6 minutes 55 seconds
X Japan Madison Square Garden - Opening, Jade, Rusty Nail
X Japan at Madison Square Garden on 10.11.2014. Show opening, Jade and Rusty Nail. Apologies for the shaky cam, but I was headbanging so what can you expect....
18 minutes 11 seconds
Interview with X JAPAN in NY! X JAPAN単独インタビュー
Check out our Channel for more subbed videos! https://www.youtube.com/user/fci For specific information on this video, check out Also check out our company website at http://www.fujisankei.com/...
6 minutes 21 seconds
X JAPAN 白い夜 完全版 1994.12.31 TOKYO DOME 2DAYS LIVE
X JAPAN ‎-- 白い夜 完全版 1994.12.31 Tokyo Dome 2Days Live Guitar -- HIDE , PATA Drums, Piano -- YOSHIKI Bass -- HEATH Voice -- TOSHI 1 Amethyst(SE) 2 Rusty Nail 3...
3 hours 23 minutes
X Japan - Say Anything -  Live 1991 (With Orchestra)
July 2011: RIP Taiji ;( see: http://www.tokyohive.com/2011/07/former-x-member-taiji-passes-away-at-45/ -- X Japan live with an Orchestra at NHK Hall. -------...
8 minutes 35 seconds
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