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X Japan - Ballad Collection [Full Album]
X-Japan Ballad Collection Full Album. Track List 0:00:00 Forever Love 0:08:36 Longing 0:16:17 Endless Rain 0:22:49 Crucify My Love 0:27:25 Alive 0:35:49 Say ...
1 hour 18 minutes
X JAPAN - The Last Live
For subtitles, I'm so sorry that I failed and missed to catch many words. Please help me if you can catch them *** *** 字幕について~誤り、聞き取れない所が多くて申し訳ございません。もしよ...
3 hours 40 minutes
この動画は高画質1.32GBでUpしています。 "X JAPAN" "ENDLESS RAIN" HD1.32GB 【THE LAST LIVE】 XJAPAN "ENDLESS RAIN" "THE LAST LIVE" "X JAPAN" "YOSHIKI Drum Solo" hide toshi yosh...
11 minutes 21 seconds
X-Japan -  Kurenai
6 minutes 55 seconds
5人組ロックバンド「X JAPAN」が、米ニューヨークのマディソン・スクエア・ガーデン(MSG)でライブを行った。ワールドツアーで実績を重ねながら目指した、音楽の聖地での初公演。各国から集まった1万5000人の ...
4 minutes 51 seconds
X Japan Madison Square Garden - Opening, Jade, Rusty Nail
X Japan at Madison Square Garden on 10.11.2014. Show opening, Jade and Rusty Nail. Apologies for the shaky cam, but I was headbanging so what can you expect....
18 minutes 11 seconds
Interview with X JAPAN in NY! X JAPAN単独インタビュー
Check out our Channel for more subbed videos! https://www.youtube.com/user/fci For specific information on this video, check out Also check out our company website at http://www.fujisankei.com/...
6 minutes 21 seconds
X JAPAN 白い夜 完全版 1994.12.31 TOKYO DOME 2DAYS LIVE
X JAPAN ‎-- 白い夜 完全版 1994.12.31 Tokyo Dome 2Days Live Guitar -- HIDE , PATA Drums, Piano -- YOSHIKI Bass -- HEATH Voice -- TOSHI 1 Amethyst(SE) 2 Rusty Nail 3...
3 hours 23 minutes
X Japan - Say Anything -  Live 1991 (With Orchestra)
July 2011: RIP Taiji ;( see: http://www.tokyohive.com/2011/07/former-x-member-taiji-passes-away-at-45/ -- X Japan live with an Orchestra at NHK Hall. -------...
8 minutes 35 seconds
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